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149, 50-richya Peremogy avenue,

09113 Bila Tserkva


Tel. (04563) 6-45-70,

        (04563) 6-03-90

e-mail: [email protected]



The  headmaster:  Sklyarova Galina Nikolaevna 


         Bila Tserkva Collegium started its activity on  1 September in 2008. Collegium is a secondary comprehensive educational establishment of II-III levels, which carries out wide fundamental philological, social and humanitarian, art and aesthetic training of gifted students, which is the base of their admission to higher educational institutions in Ukraine and Europe.

The main objectives of  collegium are:

- searching  and selection of talented youth for studying ;

- creating conditions for students to receive education over  state educational standard;

- development of students' positive natural inclinations, abilities and talents, needs and skills of individual  self-improvement;

- providing conditions for mastering practical knowledge and skills of scientific and

experimental work;

- formation of a creative personality with a deeply conscious  civil position, a high sense of national dignity;

- elaboration and approbation of new educational content, innovative forms and methods of teaching and education.

 Bila Tserkva Collegium is an educational establishment of high humanistic and democratic culture of communication, a creative community and cooperation of teachers and students.

   The staff are 23 teachers in  collegium , 3 of them are candidates of science, 9 teachers have a pedagogical rank «senior teacher», 4 teachers are  teacher-methodologists, one of them is  «Honoured teacher of Ukraine», 2 teachers have «excellence in education of Ukraine». The qualitative percentage of the teaching staff is 87 %.

         The institution carries out a wide range of innovative activities and is the participant of many  Ukrainian  and regional projects.

 Much attention  is paid to the development of students' talents and abilities by teachers of  collegium. Since its foundation the students have become the participants of some Ukrainian and International projects : the International tournament in country-studying, “New intellect of Ukraine”, ”Toponimica and the history of education in Ukraine”, ”The youth tests quality”, “The steps towards the learning of the world”, the Center of youth diplomacy, the exchange programme of future leaders («Future Leaders Exchange»), the programme of international cooperation among educational establishments («Global Gateway»), the School of a young politician  , All the Ukrainian tournaments: Small Academy of Science (SAS),  Universiada,, scientific conferencies, the tournament of law experts and many others. For two years of its existence collegium has had the winners in the Ukrainian students’ competitions, in the system of the Small Academy of Science (SAS) and a bronze winner in the International competition in Geography. The graduates of collegium show good results in passing the External Independent Testing in different subjects.

         Students’ extracurricular upbringing is a very important part in the system of education in collegium. The Center of a person’ development has been created here which is functioning successfully. It includes a certain number of clubs and studios according to interests: a students’ scientific club “Poshuk”(“Search”), a law club “Femida”(“Themis”), the economists’ club, a drama studio, the center of youth diplomacy, a European club “Patriot”, an art-literary “café”, a discussion club of meetings with outstanding people, a journalist club, a club of personal development, a club “Erudite”, a club of international cooperation, a Chinese and Polish studios, a volley-ball club.  

The model of the graduate of collegium:

-                                                                                                                                                                  a healthy personality with the formed position of values;

-                                                                                                                                                                  a  personality who reveals his life competence in choosing future profession;

-                                                                                                                                                                  who is a citizen and a patriot of Ukraine;

-         it is a spiritual person who knows and respects national and world culture, keeps customs and traditions of his people;

-          who strives for private success due to creative and rewarding work for prosperity of our society.  


Our address:

149, 50-richya Peremogy avenue,

09113, Bila Tserkva


Тел. (04563) 6-45-70,

        (04563) 6-03-90

e-mail: [email protected]


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